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Cooking lessons

19 October,2019

A cooking classes began at "Mer doon" NGO. And they are continuing with our deares chef Janna. On Saturdays and Sundays, our girls learned how to make a beautiful birthday cakes, delicious trendy cakes, salads.
The training is conducted in the framework of the "Article 3" Human Rights and Civic Camp Grant Program. Elena Harutyunyan, a camp participant, is the author of the course idea.


25 October,2019

Cooperation with "Zest" psychological and personality developmet center. Mer Doon NGO staff started classes at the center. 

Walnut fest, Ashtarak.

5 October,2019

In Ashtarak's yearly wallnut festival Mer doon NGO girls took part in competition and won prizes

1000 years of village life festival

29 September,2019

This year Mer doon NGO participated in 1000 years of village life festival in Pshatavan, Marz of Armavir. It is all about rural traditions where visitors can become familiar with, enjoy and participate in a rural lifestyle, spend a day with a family in a village house and participate in different activities. Mer doon girls were in different yards performing their handicrafts and qufta making process.

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World Tourism Day

27 September, 2019

“Mer Doon” at World Tourism Day event.

Cultural Day

26 September,2019

The greatest Armenian poetess of 20th century Silva Kaputikyan’s sculpture opening at school N145 after S. Kaputikyan. Sculptor Levon Tokmajian “Mer doon” best friend.​

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The 9th Pan- Armenian Dolma Festival

23 September,2019

Certificate was awarded to ”Mer Doon” NGO as “The best team” of the 9th Pan- Armenian Dolma Festival.

Countries Under The Same Roof Festival-Forum-Award - Ceremony

22 September, 2019

Tigranuhi Karapetyan, President of "Mer doon" NGO, is nominated for the annual "Countries Under Same Roof" award.

Within the framework of Countries Under The Same Roof Festival-Forum-Award - Ceremony a “Benevolent Woman” certificate was awarded to “Mer Doon” NGO President Tigranuhi Karapetyan.

She helps the orphaned and disadvantaged girls become more empowered by providing a caring home environment, education, work and professional opportunities.

The International Business Relations Support Council highly appreciates such dedication and humanitarian work and hopes that the number of such women like Tigranuhi karapetyan will increase in our society.

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Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum

15 September, 2019

"Mer doon" girls visited the birthplace of the poet H. Tumanyan (1869-1923) in Dsegh village of Lori province which was turned into House-Museum in 1939. Nearly 300 precious items are maintained here depicting the excellent writer’s activity and life. The poet’s bust (produced by A. Urartu in 1953) is placed in the yard and a chapel was constructed in 1994 in the museum yard where the poet’s heart is maintained.​

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Mer doon girls are busy with making beautiful bracelets with Armenian colours.

Pilgrimage to Sevanavank Monastery

10 August, 2019

We visited Sevanavank Monastery. We prayed for our Julie tatik and for all the sponors who're supporting "Mer Doon" NGO to continue it's mission. We're thankful to you for making our girl's future safer.​

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26 July,2019

"Mer Doon" grandchildren visited us. We wish them to be happy and have a safe childhood. We are happy to see that our girls greated strong families. God bless you!

Old People's Home

18 July,2019

"Mer doon" NGO staff and the girls visited Old people’s home bringing joy and happiness, warmth and love to old people living there.


18 July, 2019

Congratulations Mer Doon jan. We have a newborn

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13 July, 2019

Meeting with the students of Armenian-Greek College of Tourism

"Without tie"

9 July, 2019

An interview with "Mer doon" NGO President Tigranuhi Karapetyan​

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Charity visit to Lori Province

10 July, 2019

"Mer Doon" NGO went to Spitak, Lori Province with a charity action. We visited German district. Our girls brought great joy and happiness to all the resdients of the district. P.S.This district is still deprived of basic household and communal amenities.We had a very interesting and full day. We also had a meeting with Governor of Lori Province Andrey Ghukasyan and we would like to thank him for his attention and warm welcome.


9 July,2019

We are happy to announce that "Mer Doon" NGO resident Maria Sargsyan has got her diploma today. She has finished Yerevan State Armenian-American College “Erebouni” She is awarded the qualification of Midwife. It’s a great achievement for her and a happiness for all of us. Congratulations. May all your dreams become true.

Our guest

5 July,2019

Mer doon guest was an actress Agnesa Shahnazaryan.

House Blessing

1 July, 2019

May God protect our mission and our sponsers for their generosity. Thank you all for supporting "Mer doon" NGO.

Our best friends' visit

27 June, 2019

Our special thanks to Jackie Melkonian Elchemmas and her team for a visit. You are our best friends. Thank you Jackie jan, thank yo team and thank you St. John’s Armenian Church Women’s Guild.

I am not guilty for growing up in an orphanage

11 June,2019

More than 300 graduates of Armenian orphanages have a housing problem. The state has an obligation in this regard, which has not been properly implemented to date. Today the relevant body is developing a project that will try to solve the problem. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is also interested in resolving the issue of housing for children left without parental care, living with relatives and other institutions. The first deputy of minister said they would try to achieve this in a phased manner.

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Pilgrimage to Akhtala Monastery

14 June, 2019

A wonderful day full of positive emotions. Pilgrimage to Akhtala Monastery. Then rafting on the river Debed, Lori Province. 


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Award Ceremony


"Mer doon" NGO president Tigranuhi Karapetyan was awarded a diploma "For a great contribution to the field of charity" from Armenia-Diaspora-Artsakh Pan-Armenian magazine. Thank you for appreciating our work.​

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Ascension Day


We are celebrating Ascension Day at "Mer doon" NGO.

At the concert


"Mer Doon" NGO at the concert dedicated to the 95th Anniversary of Charles Aznavour.

The visit of Ambassador of France

We were honored to welcome the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France Mr. Jonathan Lacote and the mayor of Echmiadzin Diana Gasparyan at "Mer Doon" NGO.

Festival of Dolma


"Mer Doon" NGO took part in "The 9th Pan-Armenian Festival of Dolma" and got a certificate of gratitude for participation.

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International Family Day


"Mer Doon" NGO organized an event dedicated to the International Family Day which was supported by the Municipality of Echmiadzin.
The speakers were Mayor of Ejmiatsin Diana Gasparyan, Mariam Mehrabyan, Geghanush Gyunashyan, Emma Tananyan, Atsinte Apitonyan, and Artak Senior Priest Simonyan. They talked about the model and values ​​of the Armenian family. Thanks them for accepting the invitation. "Mer Doon" NGO girls also made speeches at the event.
The family is a source of love, respect, tolerance, on which a civilized society is formed, without which one can not survive.​

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Mercury Award Ceremony

28 March,2019

According to the decision of RA Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Mercury” prize was awarded to Tigranuhi Karapetyan “Mer Doon” NGO president, in the nomination of “Successful Humanitarianism and Mercy”. We want to share this happiness with all of you. Congratulations to Mer Doon staff, girls, friends and supporters.

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Saving lives


One of "Mer doon" NGO residents (we do not publish the name for obvious reasons) was operated in the Nork Marash Medical Center. The surgery has passed very well and now she feels better.
On 1.10.18 our girl was examined at "Master Pharm" Medical Center , Etchmiadzin, by Dr. Galstyan and it's found out that she had a serious health problem and needed an urgent surgery. As the operation was quite expensive we applied to various charitable foundations, individual benefactors and state institutions for gathering the amount, but few of them replied. 
We would like to express our profound gratitude to Steve Ashekian, "Mer Doon" NGO US Chairman and George Yacoubian, Chairman of SOAR Charity Foundation for the great help and support in making the surgery real, as well as the RA Ministry of Health and Nork Marash Medical Center. 
Thank you to everyone who made donation. Every donation is greatly appraciated.
"Mer Doon" fully supports its residents.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Clean-up day

23 March,2019

“Mer Doon” NGO staff and girls have joined the "Clean Armenia" national clean-up day. We are cleaning Zoravar Andranik Street. We have got a Certificate of gratitude from Echmiadzin municipality for participating in the “Clean Armenia” national clean-up day.

Cultural Days

20 & 22 March, 2019

​“Mer Doon” NGO staff and girls were invited to an exhibition-concert-lecture dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Komitas. Special thanks to Artyom Harutyunyan for the invitation and beautiful performances.

On 22 of March girls were watching a play at State Chamber Musical Theatre.

150th Anniversary of a great composer Komitas.

11 Mrach,2019

"Mer Doon" NGO organized an event dedicated to 150th anniversary of a great composer Komitas.The children of Makar Ekmalyan musical school of Echmiadzin took part in the event with their beautiful performances. The mayor of Echmiadzin Diana Gasparyan also attended the event, congratulated us with 8th of March.

Visit to Vernissage

9 March,2019

Mer Doon girls visited vernissage to get acquainted with new handworks and learn more for further use.

Imagine Europe

28 February, 2019

Imagine Europe is an idea contest inviting everyone (all ages & nationalities) to present their vision of Europe in 2050 in a short written and video-recorded pitch. We are proud to have a participants from "Mer Doon" Mariam Sargsyan TITLE: Worries of the future and Qristine Meliqyan TITLE: Value the life, it is miraculous

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A visit of Miss Armenia 2018

18 February,2019

Miss Armenia 2018 Arena Zeynalian visited "Mer Doon" NGO prepared a delicious meal, dine with girls,  talked about beauty contests, standards, international competitions and more.

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Charity has no borders

On 12.2.19

Mer Doon NGO resident Mariam Sargsyan has done rhinoseptoplasty at Shengavit Medical Center.The surgery was done for medical reasons -- to correct breathing problems related to the nose and to change its shape. We would like to express our profound gratitude to Gevorg Yeghiazaryan, a plastic surgeon of Shengavit Medical Center for his charity and wish him success.

Alina & Rafael’s wedding

9 February, 2019

Our dearest friends and supporters we want to express our profound gratitude to you for your commitment, generosity and support for these 13 years. We wish Alina and Rafael an endless happiness and a strong family. God bless their union.​

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Good news!

8 February, 2019

Today Mer Doon resident Mariam Gavalyan’s daughter was born. Mariam has got married last year 13.2.18. Congratulations with newborn 

Family environment

29 January,2019

How the orphanage graduate girls live in Armenia. Mer Doon is a safe place for them.

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What fate have orphanage graduate after becoming adult

14 January,2019

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Independence Day

21 September, 2018

Mer Doon NGO at Republic Square celebrating  Independence Day and introducing the food made by our girls

Franchising Together in Armenia

5 September, 18
The U.S. Embassy in Yerevan, in partnership with IDBank, organized an exclusive franchise conference on September 5, 2018 at the Marriott Hotel. The goal of the conference is to provide an opportunity for U.S. and Armenian businesses to forge new partnerships in various sectors, including hospitality, retail, and tourism.

Best wishes for a wonderful start to the new academic year


Education is "Mer doon" NGO's top priority. We have 7 students this year. Education gives people hope, confidence and dignity. It equips them with knowledge and skills to escape poverty. The priorites of "Mer doon" NGO are: First, provide a college or vocational Education. Second, to be taught strength, self-awareness, and confidence and Impower. Third, to teach our girls many important Life Skills. Fourth, to instill a strong sense of Independence.

Clinical Counseling Semiar

8 August, 2018

"Mer doon" NGO staff attended Clinical Counseling Seminar at "Gesture'' Psychological School. the speaker was Hasmik Chakarian, the Lecturer of the US Webster University, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences.

A visit of our devoted friends

28 June, 2018

Our dearest friend Jackie and friends from ST. JOHN’S ARMENIAN CHURCH WOMEN’S GUILD visited “Mer Doon” NGO. Our staff and the residents always happy to welcome them at Mer Doon and wish to thank them for their visit, gifts and for everything. You're the best. Love you.

Concert at Mer doon

27 June, 2018

Echmiadzin vocal -instrumental ensemble's students with the Art. head of Robert Abrahamyan visited Mer Doon NGO and performed their beautiful songs, music and we greatly enjoy it.Thanks them for a visit and performances.

Pilgrimage, Nature

10 June, 18

"Mer Doon" NGO took its residents and staff to a pilgrimage to Haghartsin Monastery. We prayed the Lord asking blessings for all of us and for "Mer Doon" friends and sponsors. We passed a day enjoying fresh air and a beautiful nature of Lori Province, Armenia. We have had a great trip by singing and dancing and meeting simple, honest and kind people. 

A Visit to Armenian-Greek college

8 June, 2018

Mer Doon NGO staff and the girls were invited to Yerevan State Armenian-Greek college of tourism, service and food industry. They met us with great enthusiasm. They have prepared special performances devoted to Mer Doon, they showed a master class on making gata and treated us with the delicious food made by the students. We were very impressed of their warm welcoming. We want to express our special thanks to Artur Ghazaryan, the head of the Armenian-Greek College, Gayane Alaverdyan, the head of Tourism and Service Department and all their staff members and students who made our day special. Thanks again and again, we appreciate it very much..

International Children's Day

 1 June, 2018

Mer doon NGO took part in "City of Dreams" festival-exhibition organized by GMG Media Group. They spread joy and happiness around by singing and dancing.Thank you Mer doon friends for joining us on this day.

Women's Mentoring Program 2017-2018

30 May, 2018

In Women's Mentoring Program 2017-2018 were involved Mer Doon 5 residents and Mer doon NGO president Tigranuhi Karapetyan was one of the mentors of this program.


Mer Doon provides a safe, trusted place to grow


Mer Doon is proud to announce that one of its residents, Arpi Grigoryan, has passed her diploma work with honors (100). Arpi studied Clothing design at the Yerevan State Pedagogical University. Her diploma work was on " Modern clothes with Armenian ornaments". She was so much inspired by Marash Embroidery that she used them in her collection. Due to hard work and sleepless nights she was able to design the clothes and weave the ornaments. We love and wish her the best future. We want to express our deepest gratitude to FAR especially Gulamerian Program for monthly financial stipend which is provided to Mer doon girls during these years and thank you for many years of cooperation and support. 

"I can" national sports festival

26 May, 2018

For the first time in Armenia a national sports festival is being organized with the participation of people with special needs. The organizer is SOAR Charitable Foundation in Armenia.The award ceremony took place in Tsaghkadzor Square, where Mer doon girls performed their beautiful dances, as its many years that we are cooperating with SOAR. The honorary guest of the event was Shavarsh Karapetyan Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, ten-time finswimming World Record-breaker.

Students from Armenian-Greek college

24 May, 18

The students with Gayane Alaverdyan, the head of Tourism and Service Department of Yerevan State Armenian-Greek college of tourism, service and food industry visited Mer Doon. They got to know the organization and the girls closely, performed their beautiful daces, songs and at the end we together sang Mer Doon song. Thanks them for a visit, gifts and for a beautiful day.

Mer Doon resident's mentor

21 May, 2018

Mer Doon guest was Gohar Baghdasaryan Co-Founder of Havana Restaurant Complex. She had very interesting conversation with girls, shared with her life experience. Women's Mentoring Program 2017-2018

USAID/Armenia Director's visit

17 May, 2018

 “Mer Doon” guest was the head of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Office in Armenia, Deborah Grieser. During the visit she got to know Mer Doon closely and had a talk with the girls. We have very useful conversation and enjoyed the day spending with Ms. Deborah Greiser. 

Ascension Day

10 May, 2018

Ascension Day is the 40th day of Easter. It occurs 39 days after Easter Sunday. It is a Christian holiday that commemorates Jesus Christ's ascension into heaven according to Christian belief.

Gifts from Ambassador of Lithuania


Mer Doon received gifts from Mr. Erikas Perikas, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to Armenia. Mer doon girls and staff are thankful to Mr. Erkas Petrikas for the gifts and support.

Wedding Nelly & Arsen

27 April,2018

Mer Doon resident Nelly Shaghbatyan and Arsen got married and created their own family. We are very happy for them and wish them to have long life, beautiful and happy family. God bless you. We are thankful to Mer Doon friends who always support Mer doon, especially Blizzard Catering for the beautiful wedding furshet.

Schoolchildren from St. Petersburg

18 April, 2018

Within the framework of the experience exchange program, between Echmiadzin and St. Petersburg, of the UNESCO World Heritage Cities Organization a group of schoolchildren from St. Petersburg visited Mer Doon NGO. The girls performed their dances and taught them to dace Echmiadzin dance. We also showed them kufta making process.

A very talented David Hovhannisyan's visit

16 April, 2018

Mer Doon’s amazing friend a very talented David Hovhannisyan visited Mer Doon for inviting our girls to his beautiful concert.

"Today was very important day for me, we have visited "Mer Doon" to invite all of the staff, the girls. I am fortunate to be friends with "Mer Doon" for more than 10 years. I am always with you, I am always your friend and I will always be a part of your FAMILY".
Thank you for your warm welcome.
Sincerely yours,
Davit Hovhannisyan.

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The Visit of Ambassador of India


We're honered to welcome the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of India to Armenia H.E. Mr. Yogeshwar Sangwan and his wife at Mer Doon NGO. During the visit the Ambassador got to know about ''Mer doon'' closely and had a conversation with the girls.The girls performed their beautiful dances and presented their handcrafts.

You are Mother, You are Woman, You are Creator


In the frameworks of Women's month ''Mer Doon" guest was Mariam Manukyan the founder of IBRS Council (International Business Relations Support ) and the head of GMG MEDIA GROUP. It was very interesting, useful and warm meeting.

Ambassador of Japan at "Mer doon'' NGO


We're honered to welcome the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan in Armenia H.E. Mr. Eiji Taguchi at Mer Doon NGO. During the visit the Ambassador got to know about ''Mer doon'' closely and had a conversation with the girls.The girls presneted their handcrafts and performed their beautiful dances. And we hope we'll have a cooperation in a future. #merdoon #armenia #echmiadzin #Japan #theEmbassyofJapan #Yerevan



Margarita Grigoryan, a resident at Mer Doon in Armenia, has experienced poor vision since childhood. Fortunately, with our help, she was finally able to receive the surgery she so desperately needed to save her sight.

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Changes at Mer Doon


SOAR Vice-Chairman Raffi Jehanian and Armenian team of SOAR visited "Mer Doon" NGO . We are thankful for generous support from the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR), we have renovated our basement and created a new bedroom for our residents.
#MerDoon #SOAR #armenia #echmiadzin #yerevan#SOARArmenianChapter

"Mer Doon" on Yerkir Media TV

February 15, 2018

"Mer doon" NGO president Tigranuhi Karapetyan is a host at the program "Hello, Country" on Yerkir Media TV.

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Helping Armenia's Orphans Find A Home

February 8, 2018

They call it “home.” And for many of Mer Doon’s 16 female residents, the two-storey, beige-stone building in the Armenian town of Etchmiadzin is truly the only home they’ve ever known. The sole facility of its kind in Armenia, Mer Doon (Our Home) is a non-profit organization that accommodates women and girls from orphanages and low-income boarding houses throughout the country. They live at Mer Doon for four years while pursuing an education in Echmiadzin or the capital, Yerevan, about a half-hour’s drive away.

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Meeting with Ambassador of Kuwait


Mer Doon NGO president Tigranuhi Karapetyan had a meeting with Mr. Nawaf Alenezi, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kuwait to Armenia to introdue him Mer Doon NGO.

Mer Doon NGO resident Arpine's wedding

December 12, 2017

On December 12, 2017 was held "Mer Mer Doon NGO resident Arpine`s wedding . The entire cost of the wedding ceremony was taken by Megerian Carpet Armenia.

We express our most sincere and deepest gratitude to Raffi Megerian for sponsoring the wedding ceremony and making it memorable.
We are also grateful to all those people who have provided support to make Arpine's wedding feast.

We wish her happiness and all the best.

The visit of U.S. Ambassador to Mer Doon

November 29, 2017

We are honored to welcome the U.S Ambassador to Armenia Mr. Richard M. Mills, Jr. and military attaché of the US Embassy in Yerevan, Colonel Bruce Murphy at Mer Doon . During the visit the girls had an opportunity to be thankful to U.S. citizens for their ongoing support. The Ambassador got to know about Mer doon closely and had a conversation with the girls.The girls presneted their handcrafts and performed their beautiful dance. 

Exciting changes are happening at Mer doon

Thanks to generous support from the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR), we have renovated our basement and created new spaces for a computer lab, classroom, exercise room, and storage facility. 

Residents Start a New School Year

September 1, 2017

 ''Mer Doon'' NGO president Tigranuhi Karapetyan and the staff congratulated the residents their first day of school on the International  Knowledge Day – September 1st!  Mrs. Karapatyan wishes them a lot of opportunities and joy, so that they may all reach their personal goals!

Mer Doon Girls Perform Concert at Jermuk Wellness Spa

August 10, 2017

Mer Doon girls and staff enjoyed several lovely and relaxing summer days at Armenia Wellness & Spa Hotel in Jermuk. Thanks SOAR for organizing the trip for our girls.

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Mer Doon Offers Master Cooking Classes

July 8, 2017

Today a group of young visitors from 7 countries visited Mer Doon NGO and took part in Master Class of making traditional Armenian Gata at Mer Doon. Our special thanks to Bright Future Foundation director Maria Marisha Shikfor the visit. #brightfuture# #merdoon#

Visitors from Detroit

June 30, 2017

A group of St. John's Armenian Church Women's Guild members, led by Jackie El Chammas, visited Mer Doon. Jackie brings groups from Detroit to visit us almost every summer.  Also in attendance Stephen Ashekian, Chairman of Mer Doon's U.S. Board of Directors.

Revival of the Armenian Temple in Lvov

June 27, 2017

Mer Doon was invited to ''Revival of Armenian Temple in Lvov'' exhibition dedicated to the 650th anniversary of the establishment of the Polish Armenian community at Mher Abeghyan Museum of Echmiadzin.  After exhibition Maria Pavlova Tzotzorkova, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria visited Mer Doon.

Hasmik Receives Government Housing

June 2, 2017

Our congratulations to "Mer Doon" 10-year resident Hasmik Gurjinyan. She received an apartment in Maralik from the Armenian government, and she has moved there. We wish her many success, happiness, and a good family.

International Children's Day

June 1, 2017

Childhood is about innocence and playfulness.  It's about joy and freedom.  Happy Children's Day!
We celebrated the 1st of June by visiting Tegher Monastery and Saint Mesrop Mashtots Church in Oshakan. The day was full of happiness and joy!!

Dolma Festival

May 22, 2017

Mer Doon participated at 7th Pan-Armenian Dolma Festival and was awarded a certificate for placing 2nd in the Best Taste category. Thanks to Armenian Cookery Traditions Development and Protection NGO for organizing such a wonderful festival.

Education and Career Expo

May 2, 2017

Mer Doon was invited to the "Education and Career EXPO 2017" by Zhesture psychological and personal development centre. The day was very interesting and the girls learned a great deal.

"Women of Ararat" Play Benefited Mer Doon

April 30, 2017

A play written by Judith Boyajian and directed by Carol Mikaelian Schlink (2015 Rhode Island "Genocide Educator of the Year"), "Women of Ararat was performed at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Cranston, RI and proceeds from the event benefited Mer Doon.

Embassy Women's Mentoring Program

March 17, 2017

On March 17th, our guest speaker was Emma Tananyan, department head and lecturer at the College of Finance at the Economics University of Armenia.  Other distinguished guests included Roza Vardanyan, writer, educator and psychologist, Aida Avdalyan of the "Wednesday" literary club, and poetess Anahit Danielyan.

Visit to Paradjanov Museum

March 16, 2017

The girls visited Sergei Parajanov Museum and were very impressed! Parajanov ( January 9, 1924 – July 20, 1990) was a Soviet film director and artist of Armenian descent who made significant contributions to Soviet cinematography through Ukrainian, Armenian, and Georgian cinema. He invented his own cinematic style, which was totally out of step with the guiding principles of socialist realism (the only sanctioned art style in the USSR). 

Mariam Receives Holy Baptism

March 14, 2017

Mer Doon resident Mariam G. was baptized at St. Shoghakat Church in Echmiadzin.  This was a proud and happy moment for Mariam and everyone at Mer Doon.

Presentations about Special Educaiton and Other Important Topics

March 13, 2017

On the occasion of Women's Month, Mer Doon is inviting women of different professions to be guest speakers. On March 13th, our guest was Armine Avagyan, Dean of the Faculty of Special Education at K. Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University, Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, and mentor with the U.S.

International Women's Day

March 8, 2017

International Women's Day was a beautiful celebration, full of surprises for Mer Doon's girls. They received different gifts from Nara Grigoryan, "Golden Ax" meat store, and Magic Outlet clothing store. We are thankful them for the gifts and hospitality.  Also on March 8th, two graduate students from American University of Armenia, Alvard Karapetyan and Tatevik Harutyunyan, received certificates of gratitude from Mer Doon's president, Tigranuhi Karapetyan, for introducing a new English language course to the residents.


Trndez (Candlemas) Celebration

February 13, 2017

Mer Doon celebrated Trndez, one of the fixed feasts of the Armenian Church and called Candlemas Day in English. According to church ritual the faithful go to church and take the lit candles home, make a bonfire (which resembles the Lord’s light and warmth), go round it and jump over the flame.. The mentors of Women's Mentoring Program also join the festivities. The day continued with the beautiful performances by the girls of folk songs and dances.  Guests were treated to Mer Doon's signature hospitality with traditional Armenian dishes especially Echmiadzin kufta.  


After the event the owner of Havana restaurant, Gohar Baghdasarya,n invited Mer Doon girls to continue the celebration at the restaurant where everyone had very good time.  We are thankful to all the mentors and guests for sharing this event with us. The day was full of joy and happiness.

Visit to Mher Abeghyan Art Museum

January 27, 2017

"Mer Doon" girls were invited to Mher Abeghyan's 108th anniversary event at Echmiadzin Mher Abeghyan Museum. The informative tour was held of the the artist's life and the girls received books about various artists. The event ended with the museum's annual tradition "drinking tea with baklava"

Arpi Grigoryan Participates in "Dress Code," Receives Commendation from U.S. Embassy

January 22, 2017

Mer Doon resident Arpi Grigoryan took part in a special and unique event called, "Dress Code." It was organized by mentors of the U.S. Embassy's Women's Mentoring program. Four of Mer Doon's residents have been participating in this program since last year.  The main objective of Dress Code was to introduce the young mentees to the basic rules and examples of proper attire in casual, business, smart casual, and cocktail settings. Arpi was selected to model the different outfits in the show. She was treated to professional hair and makeup, and emerged on the stage looking like a Hollywood star.  What's more, Arpi was featured in a news report by!Following the event, Arpi received a Certificate of Appreciation from the U.S. Embassy.  Arpi is studying Art Design at the State Pedagogical University in Yerevan and hopes to work in fashion design in Armenia. She will graduate in 2018.

Holiday Cheer and Joyous Wishes for the New Year

December 30, 2016

The Mer Doon girls donned their festive Christmas outfits and took an evening stoll in Yerevan bringing joy and smiles to everyone they met. They paid a special visit to Megerian Carpet to wish them warm and heartfelt New Year's greetings.  Great fun was had by all!

IWAY Christmas Bazaar

December 11, 2016

The girls at Mer Doon worked for many weeks to prepare beautifully, hand-crafted gift items for the annual Christmas Bazaar hosted by the International Women's Association of Yerevan at the Congress Hotel.  The occasion allowed the girls to showcase their fine crafting skills and unparalleled creativity.  

Computer Training at Microsoft Innovation Center

December 6, 2016

The girls were invited by Microsoft Armenia to participate in an exclusive and unique one-day computer training program at the Microsoft Innovation Center.

SOAR Begins Finance Planning Courses

December 2, 2016

SOAR (Society For Orphaned Armenian Relief) started a financial planning program for Mer Doon's residents with tutor Alina Karapetyan.  

Yeghvard Youth Ecological NGO Visits Mer Doon

November 29, 2016

The Yeghvard members brought a variety of eco-friendly projects to share with the girls.  Together they painted the backyard stairs as part of the group's "Step by Step to a Colorful Future" project.  The NGO is going around the country to encourage "green" living.

Mer Doon Girls Perform Charity Christmas Concert to Benefit Homeless Family

November 22, 2016

Epitomizing the true Christmas spirit, Mer Doon's orphaned and disadvantaged girls held a benefit concert called, “The Love of Our Soul for You,” on November 22, 2016 to raise money for a homeless mother and her five children.  With a desire to give back to the community, the girls hosted a memorable evening of Armenian, Georgian, American and Indian dances at the Echmiadzin Komitas Cultural Palace.  Musician and composer Martin Aharonyan, a member of Mer Doon’s Armenia Board of Directors, performed beautiful songs with the girls.  Other supporters included the Echmiadzin Municipality and Echmiadzin Cultural Center.

Megerian Carpet Owner, Raffi Megerian, Visits Gavar Orphanage

November 12, 2016

Tigranuhi Karapetyan and Raffi Megerian visited Gavar orphanage. Mr. Megerian was accompanied by Garen Ayvazyan.  They met the orphanage children and toured the orphanage's carpet weaving center. The children enthusiastically displayed their incredible rug weaving talents and presented Mr. Megerian with small rugs which they had hand-woven themselves.  The day was both enlightening and uplifting. The group was hosted by Gavar Orphanage Director and Mer Doon board member Nikolay Nalbandyan.

Girls Participate in Yerevan Marathon

October 16, 2016

For the first time, our girls took part in the Yerevan Half Marathon!  They were hosted and joined by Suzanne Abnous from the S.F. Bay Area.  They had a great time running and walking the 5 km. distance.  The race offered runners an exciting route featuring some of the most picturesque places in the heart of the city.

Echmiadzin Festival

October 9, 2016

Honoring a 10-year tradition, Mer Doon participated in the festival marking the 2,701st birthday of the City of Echmiadzin.  Mer Doon joined other local organizations that set up booths and concessions at the event.

Mer Doon Hosts Anti-Trafficking Training for Local Community

October 4, 2016

For the past 7 years, Mer Doon has been partnering with the Association of Audio-Visual Reporters' Public Awareness campaign to address pressing social problems in Armenia. The Association uses its media know-how to create and broadcast Public Service Announcements nationwide.  


This work has been spearheaded by the president of the Association, Arzuman Harutyunyan.  For the last two years, he has been actively engaged in anti-trafficking education.  He has received support from the Cultural Ministry, which has offered free airtime for the Public Service Announcements. The government has also established an Anti-Trafficking Commission


Harutyunyan said that every year, 10-15 girls (age 18+) become victims human trafficking in Armenia, but the work of journalists in exposing this social problem has helped to significantly reduce trafficking in Armenia since 2013.  


Mer Doon has become a center for the local community to be trained in anti-trafficking.  In addition to Harutyunyan, Maritsa Hovhannisyan, program manager for the Bureau for International Narcotics & Law Enforcement Affairs at the U.S. Embassy, and Nver Sargsyan, senior programme associate at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are also actively involved in the training platform.  


The staff and girls at Mer Doon play an important role by answering questions and speaking about their experiences with people working to eradicate human trafficking in Armenia.

Crowd Funding Campaign to Purchase Used Van

Sept. 13, 2016

Mer Doon has launched a crowd funding campaign on Crowdrise to raise the $5,000 needed to reach Mer Doon’s goal of $15,000 to purchase a much needed used van.  An anonymous supporter from California has generously donated the first $10,000.  This year the organization is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and it has never owned a vehicle. Mer Doon’s staff and girls have been obliged to use buses and taxis for all their transportation needs. 


To give to the campaign, visit the Crowdrise page at

We have tremendous need for a passenger van. Since our inception, we have relied on buses, taxis and rented vehicles for transportation. From our humble beginnings, Mer Doon has grown into a multi-faceted program. We need our own vehicle to transport our girls to their university classes, internships and jobs, doctor appointments, and regional and national festivals where they sell their handmade crafts.  Our girls also participate in a religious choir and have been invited to sing in churches around the country.  Unfortunately, these and many other meaningful experiences are impossible because transportation is prohibitive.  Our staff also desperately needs a vehicle for meetings, site visits, errands, and emergencies.

Microsoft Armenia Teaching MS Office Suite

Aug. 16, 2016

Microsoft Office is an essential part of most modern workplaces.  Proficiency ranks at the top of employers’ required list of skills around the world.  Armenia is no different, and Mer Doon is proud to announce its new partnership with Microsoft Armenia.  Members of the Microsoft Armenia staff will now be teaching the MS Office Suite to all of Mer Doon’s residents.  This special summer course has been organized and coordinated by Microsoft Armenia’s Anna Aghajanian.  The girls will be learning Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and one other program of their choice. The Microsoft Armenia staff members teaching the course are Asia Dallakhyan, Levon Hovhannisyan, Liana Danielyan, Anna Vardanyants, and Armen Juharyan.  The course will be taught on Fridays over several weeks’ time.  At the conclusion of the training, the girls will receive an official certificate of completion, which they can include in their resumes and present at job interviews.  More

Soar Hosts Special Getaways

August 15, 2016

Our thanks to Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR) for organizing a special getaway at the Aghveran Best Western Hotel.  Activities included arts & crafts, sightseeing, and hiking.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the fresh outdoors!

Guest Chefs Offer Cooking Classes

August 4, 2016

Summertime educational classes included cooking classes offered by guest chefs. The girls learned a variety of cooking and baking techniques.  They also learned how food preparation can become a cottage industry established in the home.  

Raspberry Regional Festival

July 30, 2016

Mer Doon took part in "Raspberry Regional Festival" which was held in the community of Aragats. The girls presented their handworks and two dance performances. Our thanks to Mariam Manukyan for always helping to make sure that Mer Doon is front and center.

Mer Doon Celebrates International Children's Day

June 1, 2016

International Children's Day was celebrated on June 1st.  In Armenia, it is celebrated with smiles and laughter, games, songs and dances. The parks are decorated with colorful balloons. Our ''Mer Doon'' girls took part in the "Dream City" Festival 2016. They displayed their handworks and hosted many festivities. The girls also took part in cultural activities; they sang, danced and spread joy to everyone. After the event, we received a certificate for participating in ''Dream City 2016'' charitable exibition and festival.

Tigranuhi Karapetyan Interview with Public Armenian Radio

March 15, 2016

Mer Doon NGO President Tigranuhi Karapetyan was a guest of a program called ''Bridge'' at Public Armenian Radio. Tigranuhi discussed the ways that Mer Doon protects vulnerable girls from the evils on the streets and provides them with the education and skills to start their adult lives as contributing members of society.


Mer Doon Receives Award from the Republic of Armenia's Academy of Sciences

March 9, 2016

On March 9th, "Mer Doon" NGO president Tigranuhi Karapetyan and the girls visited RA Academy of Sciences. The Director of ISECS NAS RA awarded ''Mer Doon'' the Certificate of Gratitude  - for the close cooperation with the Faculty of the Chairs ''Psychology'', ''Pedagogy and Sociology'' and the student body of the International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (ISEC NAS RA).


Naira Grigoryan Gives Special Gifts to Girls for Int'l Women's Day

March 8, 2016


On March 8th, our girls at Mer Doon received a wonderful surprise gifts from Naira Grigoryan.  The girls were invited to celebrate the holiday at the Jim Karaoke Coffee House.  The girls also received gifts from the Magic Outlet store and a meat shop.  Mer Doon was grateful to these friends and supporters for giving the girls such a beautiful day.

Arzuman Harutyunyan & Davit Tumasyan Give "Human Trafficking" Presentation

February 27, 2016

On February 27th the team of ''Audio- Visual'' Company organized a training for ''Mer Doon'' residents.

The topics included: 

1.  ''Human Trafficking'' - motivations, developments, legislative settings.

2.  "Man as a social problem bearer'' - personal analysis, targeted questions, solutions of nominations.

The lectures were provided by ''Audio-Visual Journalists Association'' president, director, social advertising specialist Arzuman Harutyunyan and RA Investigative Committee the senior investigator of criminal investigation department for assistance, doctor of law, professor Davit Tumasyan. Thanks them for their visit and useful training.


Hasmik Sahakyan Visits Mer Doon to Discuss Women's Mentoring Program

February 25, 2016

Hasmik Sahakyan director of the ''Women and Youth Development and Support Center'' visited Mer Doon to discuss the details about ''Women Mentoring Program'' in which our girls are involved. 


Mer Doon Celebrates Dyarundarach (Terndez)

February 13, 2016

One of the fixed feasts of the Armenian Church is Dyarnundarach (Terndez), and it is celebrated on February 14. During the evening of February 13 before the feast day, the girls brought candles from the church, and built a bonfire in the backyard. The  girls and the guests jumped over the fire which is the national tradition of the holiday . The day continued with the beautiful performances of ''Tarontsiner'' folk song and dance ensemble. 


Art Presentation with Eduard Hakobyan

January 27, 2016

Internationally renown painter, Eduard Hakobyan, visited Mer Doon and gave an interesting and educational slide presentation. The girls learned about different genres of painting with a focus on abstract surrealism.


Art Presentation with Arev Petrosyan

January 20, 2016

World famous artist and designer, Arev Petrosyan, was Mer Doon's guest for a lively conversation with the girls.  She talked about classic and modern Armenian masters, and was introduced to Mer Doon's beautiful hand crafts. Arev also hosted the girls and staff at Gala Art Gallery in Yerevan.

Arev has invited Mer Doon take part in a very interesting program that will explore Armenian costumes and ornamentation. The girls will participate in the first ever Armenian "Nush Arevi" (Almond of Sun) clothing brand exibition. They will learn how to sew the intricate costumes in preparation for this special event. 


Mer Doon in Armenia:

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