Established in 2005 by the late Julie Ashekian, Mer Doon began to answer the serious need in Armenia for disadvantaged and orphan girls who are either at risk for a life on the street or have outgrown the orphanage system. 


Mer Doon opened its home in Etchmiadzin, Armenia in October 2006.  Mer Doon offers a solid education and a loving and compassionate home environment. For many of these young women, Mer Doon is the first family they have ever known. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2016.


We are currently housing 15 young women, each furthering her education and pursuing a useful skill or vocation. In addition, the girls receive a religious education, learn English and Russian, receive computer and job training, and are taught by staff in personal hygiene, ethics, and social skills.

Committed to giving a brighter future to orphaned and disadvantaged young women in Armenia.



Mer Doon breaks the cycle of dependency for impoverished young women in Armenia by providing education, job training, a family environment, while instilling leadership skills and teaching self-sufficiency.

Mer Doon in Armenia:

Tigranuhi Karapetyan, Executive Director

Zoravar Andraniki Str. 13

Echmiadzin, Republic of Armenia


Mer Doon NGO

Tel: + (374) 231 5 20 09